Staying at an Airbnb Saves!

I want to talk with all of you about airbnb and why I think it’s such a great platform. An online marketplace where traveller’s can look for accommodations and be paired with local hosts at a reasonable cost.


Airbnb is a home sharing service that allows traveller’s like you and me get the opportunity to find accommodations for a VERY affordable rate. Way better than the hotels if I do say so myself! No matter where you are in the world.

How freaking amazing is that?!

But wait, it gets better.

Yes, I said it, it gets better.

Airbnb offers opportunities for anyone who owns a home to make some extra cash shmoney on the side. They partner with homeowners to allow traveller’s to rent out entire homes, bedrooms, apartments, suites, townhouses, boats you name it! All for a reasonable price.


So, Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nate Blecharczyk. Now they currently have 31 offices all over the globe, in addition to having hosted over 400million guests since starting. They offer listing in over 191 countries and homes in over 81,000 cities. That sounds pretty reliable to me.


When planning a trip, where your going to stay is about one of the top tips things you have to pay for. In the past and well growing up, people always looked for hotels, but now the game has changed. Airbnb offers a more homey alternative to the traveling world.

If you had to stay in a foreign place for an extended period of time, a hotel would be far more expensive. Breaking the bank, but now that isn’t the case. You can use airbnb for extended periods of time and cut the cost of what you would have spend in a hotel. In addition to acquiring some amazing perks.

With those offers and low costs, a hotel to an airbnb in my eyes is incomparable!


Remember when I said how affordable airbnb was well here is the link go check it out for yourself.

So yes, if you stay with airbnb you get:

  • The comfort of a home away from home
  • Affordable prices
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Stress free booking

Airbnb is growing at a extremely rapid pace, it’s what people need. Hotels better watch out, the game is expanding. Airbnb is the future and everyone loves it. I know I sure do.

THE Best Tumbler for Travel 2019

You’re in your car, and you have 100 miles until your next rest stop. The sun is blazing and even though your a/c is blasting, somehow, the heat is still getting to you. You’re thirsty, and everything you have to drink has been heated past boiling from the sun.

Well don’t worry!

I’m here to recommended to you the IBEX tumbler

This smart cup, is the best in the business.


Made from high quality kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel to prevent exterior sweating. In addition to a specially engineered designed with copper lined double walls and then vacuum sealed to ensure that your drink is kept piping hot or freezing cold unlike other inferior tumblers.


There is nothing more frustrating than being thirsty 100 miles from a rest stop with nothing but hot drinks in your car.With IBEX tumbler your coffee will stay hot, your ice cold water will stay icey, and your ice coffee won’t get watery. I mean it’s the ultimate travel mug.

IBEX tumblers lock in temperatures okurr!


These smart cups are engineers to keep ice in your drink all day and night like for as long as 72 hours. It’s basically a portable freezer!!

Can it get any better!?!

I took my travel mug to my nephews baseball game in 101 deg F weather and after hours from home to the game to the after BBQ and back home my drink was still icy!

I love it.

There’s also a perk that I haven’t had to use yet. IBEX tumblers have a guaranteed 1 year replacement warrenty! So if anything happens to your baby up to 1 year after purchase don’t worry, they will send you a new one.

How awesome is that?!

But from what I’ve experienced they’re pretty durable.

You want a hot cup of coffee for work that will still be hot even after you get the kids ready for school and get to work? This is your smart cup.

You hate watered down drinks like I do. This is the travel mug remedy!!

>>Click here and get your IBEX tumbler today.

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Places to Visit in August 2019

Are you searching to find where you can visit this August? I know I am! It’s one of the few months of the year when hard working people take some time away from work to de-stress. To visit a place visit somewhere affordable, beautiful, fun and relaxing.

Am I right?!

Well let me tell you fam we can have it all.

So the first place is Iceland.

During this time in Iceland the weather is amazing. You can definitely take the time to explore all the beautiful landmarks the country has to offer. A bonus to the beautiful sites is that this is when you will find great deals for prices on hotels, more availability, less crowds, I mean what more could you ask for?


The summer months are the best time to travel to the beautiful Caribbean countries like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Barbados. Although hurricane season is on the brink, August offers the calmest seas with tons of elbow room on the beach, beautiful views, even the best deals on flights on hotels.


Another place that would be very fun and affordable to visit is Austria; Although August is a well populated month this would be okay for those who enjoy music festivals. The days are long and the weather is great during this time so Austrians take full advantage of those great conditions to celebrate!

So there you have it folks, beautiful locations in the Caribbean to enjoy the beaches and hot weather, Iceland to take advantage of the weather the site’s and the prices or Austria for the music festivals, long days to have fun and affordable hotels! Whose gonna secure their bags and start booking their flights, because you have 3 affordable, beautiful, fun relaxing destinations to pick from for an amazing August 2019 trip!

TRAVEL Quote of the Day

Yes it is 1:07am…

Yes… Of course I’m going to share this wonderful quote with you guys this morning instead of sleeping.

And in honor of my first quote to my blog! A quote that represents me! I love people and I love traveling!

I’m about to quote John Green ” I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.”

Shoutout to unsplash for this beautiful imagery. Love yall.